sabato 12 luglio 2014

no hashtags no tags ... just a pair solid iron balls, and huge Atlantic swell

It happened this winter, February or so. We were patrolling the Spanish coast to find some empty lineups to shoot ... and ... just when we turned the corner of the coastal road we discovered a not so empty lineup.
We stopped suddenly, and stared for minutes at those brave man out there charging it like if there was no tomorrow anymore. We've posted some pictures of this very day previously, but we hided the best, the one's that give you shiver, the one's that make you feel safe at home  ... and that occasionally stop the selfish pussy inside you to always complain about the weather and the cold conditions !
Rethink and put yourself in his wetsuit for just 1 fucking second ... than do it again ! No media, no tv, no instagram, no hashtags, no bullshit !! They do very few talking but goddamn it they charge like hell , and it's a pleasure hanging around with them ... It gave me the feeling that if you really want to do it, you can !!! AMAT VICTORIA CURAM

Pablo Garcia - Seen from around the bend 

Pablo Garcia - coming out of a 10ft + tube ride on a cold February Atlantic swell 

Keoni Aizpurua - Arm propelled take off