domenica 3 novembre 2013

Milesker Euskal Herria

when I moved to this country time ago, I had a clear view of what I was looking for. Besides getting a scholarship ( hope it's spelled this way !!), I wanted to explore during the free time I had ahead before enrolling school. Last spring during the month of April I thought it was a good idea to go and seek emptyness in the Basque Country while no tourist were to be found.
Since my teenage I always had Mundaka in my mind, as a destination to go to surf to. We had no internet ( lucky enough to have in the no-internet generation ), so my only way to discover and dream with my eyes wide open were the few copies of Surfing Magazine or Surfer. Those were the only publication we received in the early '90 in Rome.
Reading and understanding weather maps and charts isn't easy, especially if you're not from around here, so it took me 4 try outs to get perfect conditions ... as a consequence I wasted 3 rides in Pais Vasco before hitting not perfect but good conditions.
One can argue about the size of a swell, and this no secret ! But perfection and good conditions are always without a maybe in front of them. As I come from the Med sea , anything over 4 Atlantic feet is a score to me, probably I am too easy to please ... I can deal with it , and I like this way !
The perception of perfection is unique to each one of us, i had a vision in me when i took the chance to explore here, to some extent I achieved my target.
Not only I got to see Mundaka working when a lot fellas thought it wasn't working anymore ( yes, I got that from some people : " is Mundaka still properly working ???? ... I thought it' didn't anymore" ) but I can proudly affirm that I pushed myself to go further the ease of that superbe location and explored places and villages where you can score perfection without having ANYONE around to say hallo for hours !!! I am sure that you'll understand if I don't mention the names of those places , in respect to the local people and the Basque Country !
... as I arrived I thought I had to get back home for the fourth time in a month, luckly I am patient ... glad I made that decision
few takers out , early bird usually get the gold 

7am bigger set got in ... hardly any taker ... the sound of them crushing on the sand bar gives shivers
she rolls empty to the bottom of your feet  
like a classy lady, you have to respect her ... a man has to know his limitation 
run fast with tears in your eyes ... or eat it 
got offshore ???
but the reward is at a reach of hand 
the happiest man in babylon ... long runs are forecasted with minor pullin out on request
around the corner ... she's your to discover 
a view from the parking lot ... the sweetest thing 
more from the parking lot view ... in case you had any doubts
respect and undereestimation of the risk don't get along very well here... but where do they after all ? 
a little recap ... in case you forget
Bottom line, it's hard to assume the choices we make in life even when we have to separate from our friends and relatives, but if this is one of the rewards I might get ... I'm positive in pursuing my decisions and lifestyle  !!!