lunedì 28 ottobre 2013

out on weekend ... an appetizer to the Great autumn swell

Had a great, I shall say better SUPER weekend in the Landes. Been drinking, eating , spending time with the Catanzariti's family, and while at it , also getting back to shoot my old and first passion from when i was a teenage. Bodyboarding !!!
It happened this past Sunday, while the boys were hitting shorebreak next to the Santocha I got distracted from this gentlemen right in front of the Blockhaus. I don't know who he is , but I was hypnotized by the power of his maneuvers and how he charged the takeoff.
As always , much respect to all the bodyboarders and bodysurfers for pushing the bar a little bit higher

double handed lefty barrel taster 

Air Drop 

getting shacked as a natural consequence of a perfect airdrop 

view from the rocks